Outside Sales Tech Program

Our Outside Sales Tech Program provides an accelerated path to sales. 

Phase 1 | Field Introduction

The Field Introduction provides a hands-on introduction to roofing. Field Technicians spend approximately 2-4 months in the field working with our Survey Technicians to gain a fundamental understanding of commercial roofing systems.

Phase 2 | Technical Training

In coordination with our Commercial Sales Department, this phase focuses on the technical side of roofing. Survey Technicians spend approximately 12-14 months surveying roofs and providing takeoff reports to ensure accurate quotes for our customers.

Phase 3 | Sales Training

With the fundamental roofing knowledge in place, it is time to focus on sales training. Sales Technicians spend the next 4-6 months honing their sales skills while continuing to survey roofs. Upon completion of the program, our graduates typically move into sales roles throughout the company.