Date: May 9, 2022

The EPDM 101 Boot Camp focuses on Baker Best Practices (BBP) used in EPDM-specific warranty details. There will also be a focus on Carlisle and Firestone procedures.

Boot camps are week-long training sessions (M-F) held in Raleigh at the Baker training facility, focusing on hands-on skills acquisition. Participants should wear clothing that is appropriate for a Baker worksite and are encouraged to bring their own PPE. Participants can also bring their own tools, if desired; however, on-site tools will also be provided. 

Week of May 9th, 2022. This boot camp by George Lozano.

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What Name Office
What Name Office
EP #1: Jeremy F.Raleigh
#2: Sam W.
#3: Mac P.Roanoke
#4: Niccolos M.Woodbridge
#5: Kileek S.Richmond
#6: Shawn V.Richmond