Date: November 1, 2021

Week of November 1st, 2021. This boot camp will be led by George Lozano.

The EPDM 101 Boot Camp focuses on Baker Best Practices (BBP) used in EPDM-specific warranty details. There will also be a focus on Carlisle and Firestone procedures.

Boot camps are week-long training sessions (M-F) held in Raleigh at the Baker training facility, focusing on hands-on skills acquisition. Participants should wear clothing that is appropriate for a Baker worksite and are encouraged to bring their own PPE. Participants can also bring their own tools, if desired; however, on-site tools will also be provided. 

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What Name Office
What Name Office
EPDM 101 Boot Camp #1: Robert M.Raleigh
#2: Kevin M.Raleigh
#3: Matthew B.Raleigh
#4: Dillon S.Raleigh
#5: Cory C.Raleigh
#6: Johnnie J.Raleigh