BOOT CAMP: Service 201

Date: June 27, 2022

Attendees must have completed Service 101 as a prerequisite to this boot camp. This boot camp encompasses advanced techniques of the following skills using Baker Best Practices (BBP): flashing scuppers, flashing conical pipes, 3/4 pipes, tapping bolts, drain installation, small crickets, and liquid flashing.

Week of June 27th, 2022. This boot camp will be led by George Lozano. 

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What Name Office
What Name Office
Servi #1: Xavier A.Raleigh 9012
#2: Jose Z.Raleigh 9012
#3: Chris B.Raleigh 9012
#4: Lee R.Raleigh 9012
#5: Brandon R.Raleigh 9012
#6: Josh M.Raleigh 9012